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Term has hit like a sledgehammer, and grey-faced figures hurry around the building with the look of people attempting to surf a tidal wave. The vain hope is “if I can get this done, next week will be better”. But what I’ve got to do is not uninteresting, and I’m managing to get out of bed and in into town in reasonable time in the morning, which helps a lot. As does the fact that the regular Autumn deluges have not yet hit Oxfordshire.

After two weekends away, I’m glad that the next one will be at home. This weekend was spent in Yorkshire, and very enjoyable, but also busy. I saw a couple of exhibitions at the Mercer Gallery in Harrogate, a building that feels as if Georgette Heyer characters ought to be walking round it, including the Vale of York Hoard and prints inspired by it.

Saturday evening was The Queen of Spades courtesy of Opera North. Enjoyable, but the two leads were hampered by costumes that did not suit them, and in one case by a chest infection. Josephine Barstow giving ’em all what for at 70-plus, though. I know one can hardly complain about the plot in opera, but really – what do Liza and Hermann see in one another, and what has Hermann got that Prince Yeletsky hasn’t? I found myself ficcishly rationalising it by deciding that the ostensibly perfect prince must be one of those men who on closer female acquaintance have an indefinable odour of creepiness, so that Liza was willing to marry anyone to get away from him. I'd like to see a really Gothic production.

The Nanowrimo season approaches, and so the season of picowrimo. I have decided that my aim is not to be ambitious and start anything new or original; rather, I am going to put my back into a serious effort to finish the Great Wimsey/Potterverse mpreg crossover. It is about time. Not least because the longer I think about it, the more unwieldy it becomes. New plot strands: doez not want.
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