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We're all in it together!

On Friday I received my annual pay rise; that is, I proceeded one step up the salary scale, which happens in October. It was c. 3%, which comes in very welcome*. It is, however, a pay cut against the cost of living, given that the annual cost of living award for University staff across the sector was this year a set sum of £150 and prices are rising rather faster than that. So I'd like the rest of my 49%, please, as I have been reliably informed that we are all in it together.

On which note, a nice cartoon in the Grauniad**.

*Objectively, my day-to-day living is not greatly affected by the recession. I'm less able to save for the far-off days of home ownership than I was, but I can still afford food, foreign holidays, and fuel. Would all were so fortunate!

** I have here cut the section on why I am never surprised and thus never disappointed when the CofE hierarchy lives up to its nickname of the Tory Party at Prayer, as no-one else in interested in late C20 north Leeds church/education/local politics. But it involves the nativity scene, school governorship, league tables, "parental choice" re. school admissions, Tosca, birth rates following the summer of '76, various religious organisations including the Exclusive Brethren, local topography, council boundaries, brownie packs, the neighbourhood bad boy, Emmerdale Farm, newpaper rounds, two cricket clubs, and Sierra Leone. Apolitical it was not, and who was welcome or otherwise was very plain.
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