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Let's play Yuletide Hell!

As we wait for nominations for fandoms to go up, I think it is time for another round of Yuletide Hell!

The rules of the game are simple: write in comments the Yuletide prompt that you would hate to get. Others are then invited to try and write a sentence of it. Ed: Or just explain why your fail.

Remember, to be true to the spirit of Yuletide Hell, without which you will totally ruin Yuletide for the whole internet, your prompt cannot be too entitled, self-contradictory, and generally batshit. A reminder of the actual Yuletide rules: the writer is required to write in the fandom and using the characters specified by the requester. That is all. Optional details are entirely optional. Nonetheless, I expect that all prompters on this page will have many optional details that they will fully expect their writers to cover, and will also be dreadfully, mortally offended if writers do not merely cover the prompt, but fail to intuit what the requester wanted but forgot to write down.

A couple to get you started:

(1) The Blue Castle, Cissy Gay. I have such a kink for pregnancy fic! It would be awesome if you could write about how Cissy Gay got pregnant (but make sure that you promote safe sex because it’s really important that we use fic to educate people). Maybe she had an affair with Gilbert Blythe, lol, when he was teaching at the school at White Sands, because Anne had rejected him, and Cissy looks a bit like her. Then Cissy gets pregnant and Gilbert tries to drug her so he can force her to have an abortion, but Cissy wants to keep the baby even after she faints from morning sickness in church and everybody guesses and thinks she’s a slut. Sex-positive fics only, thanx!

(2) Bredon/Bunter. Bredon looks just like Peter and Bunter can’t help having dirty thoughts about him, but then Bredon finds out and they have a really hot affair. Obviously it’s really important to me that your fic not contain any fail or -isms and have due regard to the kyriarchy. Also, I think that non-con is really squicky so please don't write that (also that means no under-age, cuz if you can’t legally consent then it’s alwaysgoing to be non-con). Must be really explicit! Don’t make Bunter over 65, old people sex is SOOOOO gross ;-) I know that you're going to write something wonderful, I hope it's really long!
Tags: fandom, yuletide challenge
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