nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Cailles en sarcophage

It appears to be the last day of the calendar year. How did that happen? Reflection on the last twelve months can wait. Christmas has been busy and enjoyable, though I have failed to get to the hairdresser and it has rained far too much for my liking. I have had some lovely presents and eaten a great deal of very nice food.

Said food included not only the usual turkey, gammon, wine, sprouts, mince pies and so on, but the dinner served in the film of Babette's Feast*. Some of my close relatives claim not to be fannish: I think that when said bunch of people spend several hours re-enacting a film complete with key moments of dialogue ("Blinis demidoff!", "I was the chef at the Cafe Anglais") complete with facial gestures, claims of non-fannishness fail to convince.

I give you cailles en sarcophage as a crowning achievement of 2011. I am particularly proud of the pastry heads.

*There were a few differences. Turtles are not obtainable by the UK domestic cook, we used rather cheaper wines, and we omitted hiring a 14 year old boy to do the serving. A savarin, however, turns out to be very easy to make.
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