nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

In which the future is still the past

The BBC's Danish fascination continues, with new political drama Borgen, tonight. Ah! I thought, is this the spur to me to finally get a digital TV recorder? Well, it probably is, because I'm fed up of not being able to do so. But it is still BLOODY annoying to discover that you can't get the content off the damn things to archive it. No, I'm not watching much of those videos in crates under the bed. Indeed, I probably ought to go and chuck many of them. But a few things, yes, I would like to keep, and it is annoying to think that once we could, but now we can't, no doubt because the manufacturers want us to have to buy additional devices on which to play media we've had to purchase for long-term viewing purposes.
Tags: media technology
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