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It's the weekend!

Oh hurray! Also, I don't seem to have bacterial sinusitis. More hurray! Still going to ask for a consultant referral, though. I can even justify it on economic grounds if I cost working days lost. But mostly, I would like to just be miserable with a cold because I've got a cold, and troughing the necessary amounts of OTC drugs really cannot be good for one.


Do you have painful congestion? Try Sinutab! Sinutab works so much better than a separate decongestant and paracetamol. You'd think it wouldn't make a difference, but it does! Next time you have sinusitis, don't forget: TRY SINUTAB!


They didn't even pay me for that.

But mostly, it is the weekend!

I am going to:

- see The Artist tomorrow afternoon. It is striking how many people who have seen it have said that they scarcely noticed it was a 'silent' film.
- tackle my ironing to the accompaniment of skiing on TV.
- watch Borgen, the office's new obsession (who knew there were so many fans of Danish crime drama? Or that the head of one of our faculties is so obviously aware of the wilder shores of fanfic.)
- get up late one day.
- go to the gym/for a run. Only 9 weeks until holiday, so some intensive training is now required.
- get back into the fic-writing too. I reckon I can get Peter Wimsey in bed with a very attractive witch within two thousand words. Unfortunately first I have to get him through a slightly boring conversation with a portrait.
Tags: fandom, film, real life, television
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