nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

How can they allow that to happen?

I inadvertently bought unsalted butter at the supermarket. Two pats of unsalted butter. Shouldn't there be a procedure to stop that happening? Perhaps a till check, with a note flashing up to the cashier when it is scanned followed by, "Excuse me, are you aware that this is not salted butter? Do you definitely wish to purchased unsalted butter?" I am just going to have to cook with it - it's a hard fate. Perhaps I'd better start this afternoon with ginger cake.

The snow got rained on. It was looking very nice at 11pm post-Borgen, and then by 11:30pm as I went to bed it was raining. The morning revealed 2 inches of rather slushy snow. I went skiing anyway, but it wasn't exactly an epic tour across hill and dale.
Tags: real life
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