nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Rosy-coloured spectacles

I made it to the opticians this morning after many months of not getting round to it and now have a new prescription so that I am able to replace my glasses. This is not because my prescription has changed significantly, but because I bought my glasses in 2005. I thought it wasn’t quite as long ago as that, but it is, which is quite frightening. The fact that the screws are loose, the reflective coating coming off, and the glass being worn away where the sidepieces rub against it is therefore not unreasonable. The sunglasses I bought at the same time have unsurprisingly had rather less wear, so I won’t be changing those.

I think I might have a look for frames online, though I’ll give the shops in town a scan first. That said, I suspect I may end up getting a new frame pretty similar my old glasses, which are rimless and not too obvious. I already have giant black eyebrows, and getting them to line up with a frame is tricky. In addition, the narrow rectangle sort in dark plastic are all very well – indeed I have them as sunglasses – but with clear lenses they tend to make me look like an evil(er) Miss Jean Brodie.

Now I just need to organise getting my hair cut.
Tags: real life
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