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It was a good afternoon skiing on Dunstable Downs, which I picked because though an hour's drive away it is on a ridge and the webcam showed a good covering of snow. And indeed it is on a ridge and there was plenty of snow, with huge great hoar crystals on it like feathers, and I had a very nice time.

I could, however, have done without the dangerously bad National Trust map*, as a result of which I ended up about 3 miles from my car in a random bit of Dunstable, and was only saved from ringing for a taxi in order to get to the carpark before the barrier closed for the night by the nice man with the quite small car in the Co-op carpark who correctly diagnosed my reaction as to exactly how far I had to walk, and how complicated it was, and gave me a lift. Thank you, random man! I hope that when you got home your family were amused by your tale of Good Samaritan-ing a hapless skier. Thank you also for your firm agreement that you knew the map in question and it was awful and that it was really easy to get lost there because you'd done it.

Wildlife count: one deer browsing on the verge, three red kites, one quite obviously killed and dumped badger.
*I think "dangerously bad" is a fair description when facing a WTF!quarry moment. Giant quarry.
Tags: skiing
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