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It is the end of the week. I want to sink upon the carpet and not rise again until March. Unfortunately that is impractical.

I am reading Georgette Heyer's An Infamous Army. I haven't got to the battle yet, but have learned a lot about the multi-national nature of the allied army, and a reinforcement of the fact that I apparently know very little about European history (outside the French Revolution of middle school) until 1871. I really need to read that History of Europe book on my shelf. An Infamous Army is of course famous for being recommended reading at Sandhurst - I can't help feeling that part of that at least must be because of the stress it lays on the brilliant commander also needing to be a good administrator. Heyer's Wellington is idiosyncratic, but he is decidedly not an infuriating maverick**. Admittedly, I mostly know Wellington as the originator of the eponymous boot*, and not exactly the country's greatest Prime Minister. I could also do with reading a decent book of of C19 political history, the British side of A-level history, which largely focussed on this, being by some distance the most boring aspect of my A-levels***.

*Mine are made by Nokia, which is more than can be said for my mobile phone.

**He would have Miles Vorkosigan for breakfast, because he just wouldn't be impressed.

***Cellular respiration in plants was also deathly, but at least it was short, and I just memorised the diagrams. There's something else that I'd like to read a really well-written article on.
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