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Apparently my brain is feeling incapable of writing intelligent and nuanced posts about important subjects, so I shall stick to saying that I was very entertained by lightweight* Norwegian mockumentary The Troll Hunter at the weekend. There are about 15 minutes of lovely Norwegian road /ferry trip scenery too many, but it is funny (no doubt funnier if one is actually Norwegian and gets all the culturally-specific jokes), even the excess scenery is attractive, and the special effects are generally pretty decent. And how many films do you know that reference the Billy Goats Gruff? The troll hunter himself might look like a hairy Indiana Jones, but his motivation for the film is that of the disaffected bureaucrat fed up of filling in what the (not as good as they ought to be) subtitles call the “Slayed Troll” form and arguing with his superiors who don’t understand the realities on the ground of practical troll management, without even an antisocial hours allowance. It also provides an excellent explanation for the Norwegian tendency to stick electricity pylons slap bang through the middle of attractive scenery.

*There need to be more good lightweight films.
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