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Five things, mostly real life

I am feeling uninspired. A format will help!

* New BBC4 Scando-crime drama The Bridge/Broen/Bron (two foreign languages for the price of one!) is enjoyable so far, even if the seventies moustache is a bit puzzling. It also adheres to the noble tradition of being keener on full-frontal male nudity than female. This is a refreshing change.

* The carpet in the new retro office is shedding fibres all over my trousers. I come home looking as if my lower legs have suffered the attentions of an over-affectionate toy poodle.

* Today I learnt about English Mistery and English Array, who appear to have been an ultra-royalist, neo-feudalist, aristocratic supremacist back-to-the-land-peasants bunch in the 1920s and 30s. Lest we forget, the leader of the latter, the Earl of Portsmouth, only died in 1984. I wonder whether Nigel Blake based the rather more effective, albeit fictional, English Banner on them? It looks that way: the EB are "a queer sort of semi-mystical society, which flourishes mainly in country districts. They believe in the natural aristocracy of the landowning class [...] The idea [...] is that they are really the best people in the country and therefore ought to be its rulers." Do they also explain Wodehouse's amateur dictator Roderick Spode's fascination with root vegetables?

* On which note, I really do not need the whirl of fanfics currently in my head yet not quite making it to my fingers to be joined by the Duke of Denver inadvertently finding himself investigating skulduggery in darkest East Anglia.

* I have new trainers! All that stands between me and going running - is being bothered to go running. Oh dear.
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