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Blazing torches

Apparently the Olympic torch for 2012 has won the UK Design of the Year award. I can't honestly see what is that exciting about it. Apparently it "features 8,000 small cut-out circles, representing the 8,000 inspirational people who will carry it on its journey around the UK". That's nonsense for a start. One of those 8000 people is my brother-in-law. Now I like my brother-in-law a lot. He's a very nice man, and I wouldn't ask for a better brother-in-law, but his "inspirational story" involves his employer saying "We've been give a torch spot, who wants it?" I'm glad he's got it; he and my sister did enter the ticket lottery and won - quite aside from those tickets he got through work - and he is a keen sportsman who is no longer able to play his chosen sport due to injury. But an inspirational story? I suppose it is, in the sense of "make sure you get a job that gives you nice perks". To be fair to him, he also thinks it's ridiculous, but the firm had the spot and that wasn't changing, so he wasn't going to let it go to someone else.

So the torch: an award-winner, but pretty boring. The question remains as to how the big torch will be lit. We remember the ski jumper of Lillehammer (who brought it into the arena. The Crown Prince lit it, please don't let that happen in London), the flaming arrow of Barcelona (damn, we could have done that one), the flaming doves of Seoul...

Which leads, of course to a poll.

How with the 2012 Olympics torch be lit?

A flaming cannonball fired from a naval cannon.
A flaming dove fired from a naval cannon.
A flaming morris dancer fired from a naval cannon.
A flaming costume drama hero or heroine fired from a naval cannon.
A flaming effigy of Shakespeare fired from a naval cannon.
A flaming Boris Johnson fired from a naval cannon.
Anything not involving naval cannons.
A Dambusters-style bouncing bomb.
A small bu accurate dragon.
Tags: olympics, real life
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