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Paradise Enow

Oh! Pity the feelings of the owner of the English stately home, in this case Newby Hall, who hears the phrase ‘We’d like to hire the place for a Jane Austen adaptation’ only to have it followed by, ‘It would be perfect for Mansfield Park. I imagine it’s rather like the feelings of the fan of Mansfield Park (yes, we do exist), who learns that a new adaptation is to be made only to turn the page and read ‘with Billie Piper as Fanny Price.’ Piper and Newby Hall were both utterly miscast in Sunday’s ITV adaptation, which was a perfectly amiable costume drama with very little to do with Jane Austen. I shall never understand the television scriptwriter, a species so determined to sex up and dumb down, which yet manages to omit Mary Crawford's "Rears and Vices" line. Ah well, no doubt teenagers and grandparents somewhere will love it, and some families may be inspired to visit Newby Hall, loveliest of all country houses, and which, unlike your average television adaptation, and even more so your average stately home, combines taste and proportion in house and garden, and a room full of chamberpots to gladden the heart of Albus Dumbledore.

Continuing with the rescue of tiny pieces of fanfic that are never going to make it into longer works…

Harriet crossed Carfax to avoid them, a surging pack of braying youths intent on dropping one of their number in a fountain. Idly she noted the sleek blond head conspicuous in the crowd, the overbred features, the almost insulting self-confidence and the ridiculous teddy bear tucked even now under one arm. If Lord Sebastian Flyte were representative of the aristocrary, she was glad to have nothing to do with it.
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