nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Random things make a post

* Given how cold it is, I suppose it is not entirely surprising that the Cairngorm ski resort is still open. But it is the 20th May. I'll believe the forecast temperatures of 20 degrees this week when I feel them.

* Having applied my bum to my chair this afternoon and forced it to stay there, I have 600 words of fic. It isn't a lot, but it is a start. This was grind-it-out stuff necessary for the continuing movement from A to Z, but it is OK even if the couple of important plot points do go "da, da, daahhhh" a bit loudly. The fic has now reached 30,000 words, which is nice.

* It is only economical to make a cake to use up some running out of date eggs if you do not have to buy the rest of the ingredients specially. Still, the cake is nice.

* Where is the shoe cleaner I bought on Friday? Perhaps I bought it on Thursday and it is in my desk drawer because I forgot to take it out of my handbag on Thursday evening. Hope so - it was expensive, and my shoes need cleaning. ETA: It was definitely Friday. So where is it?

* Half my television channels appear to have vanished. This happens every so often in, I assume, an evil combination of the transmitter and the weather, but it is very annoying.
Tags: real life
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