nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

A productive day

Cheapo metallic strappy sandals: acquired.

Gatwick hotel room: booked.

Trekking poles: ordered.

Poly-cotton walking shirts (sunproof): ordered.

Will these last two arrive on time? In the absence of an express delivery option I added a plaintive appeal to the comments box - hopefully the unexpressed threat of "if they don't, I might return them" will be a spur to action. Shirts more comfortable than T-shirts, and vastly more attractive than my existing cotton voile shirt that I always end up wearing when walking in hot countries because it is comfortable, albeit hideous (it has puffed sleeves and is sack-shaped).

Mind you, it says something of my recent standards for productivity that I haven't done any ironing at all, despite having several cubic feet awaiting my attentions, and my beige carpet - isn't.
Tags: real life
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