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See Naples and die

It is fair to say that when Gerard de Nerval* wrote Rends-moi le Pausilippe et la mer d'Italie he was not thinking of the modern day Bay of Naples**. The urban sprawl of Naples is no prettier from the air than any modern day industrial city of +1 million, with added fires (I assume burning waste) and the air quality from the high points*** is visibly awful****. But pop over the mountains to the south and you hit the Amalfi Coast, and it is a different story. A pretty expensive story that makes one grateful to have most meals included, I admit, and a story that makes me think "If I belonged to the super-rich, I'd pick a spot with better beaches", but the scenery is undeniably splendid, as is the food, the views, and the heat. I cannot complain about the heat: it was overwarm for the time of year leading to much stickiness, but it was well worth it.

Anyway, I had a fabulous time in Italy. My walking shoes fit. Pompeii is great (a proper city). Herculaneum is great (decorative taste scarily Victorian). Ravello is great (the views). The Path of the Gods is great (steps. More steps. Yet more steps). And, of course, the ice-cream and prosecco. Let us pass over the point at which, like a Chalet School girl, I tore a great rent in my linen cut-offs and had to staple them together thanks to the kindness of the Tabac owner so that I was fit to wander round Amalfi without needing to borrow an unseasonable jumper/towel/shirt to tie round my waist.

Have some photographs .



The Amalfi Coast:





*Yes, of course I come to him via Julian May.

**At least absent Doctor Who.

***Including Mt Vesuvius. It's a very innocuous-looking active volcano, no-one could blame the Romans.

****I believe that central Naples is impressive, but I didn't go. Pompeii and Herculaneum, on the other hand, are surrounded by concrete suburb.
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