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Father!Nineveh_uk: I can't watch men's gymnastics: it's the rings. A sport that lets you survive being crucified is just wrong.

I take his point.

On other random gymnastics thoughts:

- that Kristian Thomas is a big lad for this sort of thing.

- there was a woman on the German team yesterday who is older than I am. I am deeply impressed. Mind you, I did get ID'ed in M&S on Friday attempting to buy wine. It does happen occasionally, but it is always the new staff, who I suppose don't pick up subtle clues like strands of grey hair. As ever, the supervisor took one look and passed me, but not before my outraged "Of course I haven't got proof of age! I haven't needed it in years!".

- gym, like ballet, is one of those things that I watch and can't help wanting to do. I have a pretty good sense of balance and good flexibility, but alas I am a chicken with no upper body strength. Mind you, with no aerobic fitness whatsoever at the moment, maybe I ought to concentrate on cutting the lawn without having to pause for breath. My new trainers have not go a lot of use over the past couple of months.

Non-gymnastics thought:

- why are Olympics boxers amateur only, when professional football and tennis players are able to play?

- interviewers, stop ambushing the dazed swimmers, and if you must, bear in mind the need to temper your questions to people who don't have English as their mother tongue.

- I see Syria has tipped the Olympics off the lead headline of the 10 o'clock news. I just don't know enough to know what should be done about it. I suppose there are places equally awful in the world that I know nothing about. Still, it's dispiriting. A couple of years ago the place was a serious holiday prospect - how things change. Mind you, my late grandmother took her first ever trip abroad in her mid-seventies to Yugoslavia.
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