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Crossover fics that ought to exist

Brought to you by my inability to take the coach from Oxford to London without thinking at a key point of the journey, "I have seen the White City".

(1) White City

(i) In which our noble hero, long exiled in Salford, returns to claim his kingdom.

(ii) As above, the Peter Jackson version. The hero is Lord Attenborough, son of Attenborough. Many years ago, he fled the offer of the post of Director-General and instead became a Ranger, travelling far across the world from his base in Bristol, learning the secrets of many lands and strange creatures. Now, in the BBC's darkest hour, his destiny can no longer be evaded and he must make his way to London.

(2) Lady of Twilight

When the elves called Elrond 'Half-elven' they avoided specifying the nature of his other half...

When 20 year old Ranger Estel returns to Rivendell after accomplishing great deeds, the great elf-lord Elrond tells him of his true name and heritage. Proud of his new-found lineage and destiny, when Aragorn meets the pale, dark-haired elf-lady Arwen he is captivated by her beauty. When Arwen and her father Elrond respond coldly to his hopes, Aragorn assumes that they scorn him as a mortal, and vows to prove himself worthy. Little does he dream that the woman the elves call the Lady of Twilight has good reason for her coldness - for the vampire blood of Luthien runs strong in Arwen Undomiel.
Tags: fandom corrupts the mind, tolkien
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