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I suppose it is a good thing - a very good thing - that a teenager of [background I cannot determine but is definitely not British*] is sufficiently inspired** by Robert Swindells' 80s children's apocalypse novel Brother in the Land to film some of it, but it is still deeply weird, and I don't mean the random crisp-eating scene. The houses are pink! The sky is blue! There is a distinct absence of moorland and of the protagonist looking down on to the glassy radioactive remains of the classroom in which I read the damn book. The one thing that isn't weird is the protagonist's not being white. In 1984, Danny Lodge is the son of a lower-middle class white family that owns a corner shop: given the location of Shipley/Bradford***, it makes perfect sense that in 2012 everything is the same except his race. I can only hope that the BBC doesn't realise this is an excellent opportunity to make a non-London kids' series with an ethnically Asian protagonist, and thus scar another generation for life. Fortunately nuclear war is less trendy these days.

*I assumed he was American until I saw the car numberplates. Middle Eastern ex-pat compound? The man responsible apparently lives in Canada at the moment, but I can't imagine they let one drive around with Arabic numberplates there any more than in the US.

**No it isn't! It will never be good! Burn the book and destroy all record of its existence save as a secret file warning publishers never to do it again. And that goes even more for the plague ones. Though I suppose that having found it interesting I ought to log in and comment.

***This being 1984, Bradford is yet to have been reduced to a hole in the ground**** through the non-atomic, but certainly devastating, efforts of Eric Pickles on behalf of Thatcher's govt.

****No hyperbole. Central Bradford is a giant hole in the ground thanks to the Westfield Group. I can't stand George Galloway, but there's a reason he picked the place.
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