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Stygian gloom

It is dark outside. Proper winter dark. There is no hope of the summer clothes coming out again. At least I'm not one of the people getting flooded, or indeed my mother, who had to drive to Oxenholme yesterday to catch a train to Edinburgh. The heating has been switched on at work, which means it is ridiculously warm, but apparently it was freezing on Monday when I wasn't in due to ongoing lurghy. Anyway, the radiators are less than subtle, but it does at least suggest an end in future to previous winters' phenomenon of Wool Mondays. I am working mornings only this week, after last week's two days off (except I looked at emails) and one day leaving early and one day off-except-for-meeting, and finally Monday completely off, and maybe tomorrow I will actually make that the morning only. I got home at 2:15 this afternoon and promptly collapsed on the sofa. I feel like Beth March*. Happily I look awful, which is just what you need to justify not being in work when technically you've only got a rather elderly cold.

Yes, I am whinging, not least about the fact that I ordered two dresses from Boden and naturally it is the one that costs full price that looks nice. It also reminds me of a pinafore I loved when I was ten, which perhaps is a reason not to buy it, but I am telling myself that I had excellent taste as a ten year-old (this is not true).

Most annoying, I have not managed to do any writing when not at work due to absence of Brain. And to make matters worse, it has struck me that the untitled fic known as the "Corsican Potterverse mpreg crossover with bonus valet-rogering"** may just have to be the "Corsican Potterverse mpreg crossover" because I - and I find it hard to believe I am about to write these words in relation to this particular fic - am not sure that the valet-rogering is artisically justified.

Pause for incredulity.

But let's look on the bright side: I don't own a sports shop that was invaded by sheep.

*Substituting "can't eat breakfast" for heart failure.

**To remove the possibility of ambiguity, that is rogering by the valet.
Tags: fandom, real life, weather
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