nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Slightly grumpy

Back at work after a long weekend. Colleague is signed off for 3 weeks, so guess who is picking up her urgent work despite having a summer's backlog of her own stuff. Yes, Buggins here. Did I do any of my own stuff today? I did not. The awareness that if I had been sensible and got myself signed off in the summer instead of struggling on like a zombie, and might thus be capable of walking more than a mile without getting exhausted does not help. Oh, and I've caught a cold and am once again thinking that if only I could have a day off it would really help (though on the very, very plus side, no sinus pain so far even if the tissues are TMI).

And in addition to a new coat, I have a new watch (after a year of searching) so it's not all bad.

I saw Skyfall on Saturday. I could come up with a thesis about how it is ultimately a profoundly conservative film in which we are asked to agree that those who are in charge are de facto the best people to be in charge and it is wrong to question them, but I'll keep it short: I agreed with the Select Committee. This is not a film for people who get irritated by thinking "But why on earth did/n't they...". Yes, I know it's James Bond. The cinematography's quite decent, and the M plot was interesting - it was good to see them actually using the fact that they'd cast a woman and what that would mean for relationships in a workplace that is inevitably part of contemporary society, rather than being "gender neutral" by making her default male.
Tags: film, real life
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