nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

One of those days

It has been a day best described as one of those days, and there I shall leave it, having had the fortune on my side, and misfortune on hers, to run into [personal profile] white_hart on the way home and complain about it to her rather than on the internet. Suffice to say it was busy, it was frustrating, and I am tired. It's a pity, because yesterday was OK.

In better news, and I know this is not actually exciting, I have located a possible cupboard for the spare bedroom. Will this be the time that the Stuff all over the place finally finds a home?

In frightening news, there are only 7 weekends left until Christmas, including the 22nd/23rd. Aargh! I had been thinking of not taking a whole fortnight off, but that would be stupid. I need a whole fortnight off.

In better news, this means that series III of The Killing is only a week away.

In frightening news, this gives me a week to buy a PVR. And a jumper.
Tags: real life
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