nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Sunny Sunday

There is great pleasure to be had in cutting down an aggressive* shrub on a sunny morning. I have not finished, but I have filled the garden waste bin. Next weekend I shall fill a couple of bags, and shove them into the neighbour's garden waste bin the night before collection... The neighbour's house is currently unoccupied, so I think this is reasonable, especially as he shrub is trying to knock down their fence.

There is less pleasure to be had in flat-pack furniture, which is why I am running away and going for a walk with the excuse that fresh air is healthy. I have said elsewhere that one only really appreciates the brilliance of Ikea flat-pack instructions when faced with non-Ikea ones.

*In more than one sense of the word. I'm glad I'm up-to-date with my tetanus boosters.
Tags: real life
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