nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Random things maketh a post

* I do not quite have a cupboard as yet, as though great strides have been made the next bit really does depend on my finding the hammer. Of course, it would help if I looked. In the meantime, I shall arrange to borrow one.

* I considered overcoming ingrained Christmas tree snobbery and buying an artificial one, but couldn't do it however sensible it would be, though I claim that this is in large part because half the point of a Christmas tree is the smell. Which is why a small blue spruce is sitting in a pot on the patio waiting for a reasonable time to be brought in. 3 years of stabbing myself with Norway spruce needles made me think that a change of species might at least be reasonable.

* In the way of things, I found myself yesterday inventing the Christmas Hamster. Why not? They live in the desert in the Middle East so it is at least as topical as Father Christmas, or Iceland's cannibal Yule Lads. The Christmas Hamster run around all night at great speed carrying presents to children in its enormous cheek pouches. Perfect!

* The Killing III is exciting, isn't it? I have heard a criticism of one early episode that it relied a little too much on coincidence. I give you therefore the real reason why Sarah Lund missed the train:

Tags: christmas, real life, television
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