nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

It's been one of those days

Came home to work on paper without constant interruptions. Delayed leaving office. Delayed getting home (OK, that was mostly by walking off phenomenal levels of irritation rather than getting the bus straight away). Discovered that I had left the data stick with the files on at work. Discovered that the remote working widget didn't work at first because it had to warm up having been in the freezing cold kitchen, and then because the pin code isn't the pin code I've got written down. So now I will have to go in early tomorrow. Roll on the end of next week. I am not down to take Friday off. I think I am going to take Friday off.

But for now I am going to sit down and watch Horrible Histories and match socks. At least it will be productive.
Tags: irritation, real life
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