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Random television comments

(1) I've just noticed that nobody smokes in Downton Abbey. OK, Thomas and O'Brien smoke, but only to illustrate that they are evil. I think the Earl smokes the odd cigar, but again that's an illustration of his role, not the character smoking. Surely Sybil ought to have smoked, and new journalist!Edith could have taken it up to show that she's now taken on the independent and unconventional mantel (while still living off her parents, of course).

(2) Saturday night's Borgen. I find myself impressed at the audience manipulation of episodes 3 and 4. Höxenhaven has been set up over past episodes and series 1 as such a nasty piece of work that I was actually cheering on the utterly repulsive Laugesen* to bring him down. Except then Höxenhaven was human and utterly devastated in his humiliation (really well acted), and I ended up feeling really sorry for him and hoping that Laugesen would 'lose' instead. Also, I liked the very brief mention Nyborg needs sleeping pills, without actually making anything of it, as just another thing the job drives people to.

That said, while appreciating the pressure that [personal profile] antisoppist has mentioned subtitlers work under, and generally the Borgen ones seem pretty good (no random "shipmate") the choice of "boys" rather than something like "guys" for "fyre"** was decidedly unfortunate in the context, since it seems implausible that Katrine and Hanne would have been trying to prevent the exposure of a politician for sex tourism with underage boys. Laugesen, of course, isn't smearing him over Marrot, but over Marrot and himself. It's a double revenge.

Bizarrely, I find myself liking Kasper. I'm not quite sure how this is possible, but his character has actually become interesting. Katrine, though, is definitely not a journalist worth a salary of DK 60,000 per month, even at Danish tax rates.

*Who oddly reminds me of Hugh Grant in Bridget Jones' Diary.

**My dictionary actually gives "chaps" as the first translation. That would probably not have been better.
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