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Bring Back Kennings Campaign!

I shall spare you the thought processes that lead to my composing the phrase "the grey-eyed detective's man-sword". Let it suffice that it is not coming soon to a fic near you. But well-known as epithets may be to the fanfiction reader, that strange replacing of she, he, Tim, and Jane with "the blond" and "the lawyer", kennings appear to be rather lacking, and in a dull moment at work today I found myself writing the following.

We have heard the tale of the tall detective
How long he searched for a like-minded flatmate
Until the day when he met the doctor,
A healer-with-hands, health-restorer.
Watson was the name of that were.
A scalpel-soldier, he sojourned long
In eastern deserts sun-scalded
Until wound-weary he wended his way
Home to his holm. In the country's heart
He met that man, Sherlock Holmes.
He shunned society that mystery-solver
Though he deigned the doctor to dwell with him.

Life is short and my list of WIPs is long, so - fortunately - this is it. I'd be highly entertained by someone else doing Sherlock Holmes in alliterative verse at length (possibly, unlike me, having looked up the rules) - sure Grendel's raid on Heorot is a source text for The Hound of the Baskervilles?

I must also seize this opportunity to rec 's Yuletide fic The Wanderer's Reply to the Seafarer - in Old English.
Tags: fandom corrupts the mind
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