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Various things

(1) After my "maybe I should" angsting, I have now resolved that I am not going skiing at Easter. It's disappointing, but the right decision. I applied the lottery test* and confirmed that if being paid for out of a finite source, the guided bit of a guided trip really needs to be at exactly the right level or I'm going to feel frustrated. So that's that. Instead - and how's this for glamour - I shall go to the Turkish bath at Swindon and at least get a decent sauna, and save the holiday money (and the annual leave) for the summer.

(2) Writing seems to be progressing. Last night was not a success, but I think that's because the next scene is a significant one , and I am anxious about writing it not so much because I think it will be technically difficult, but because it’s a big step in the story and I’m thinking “but have I done everything I need to do in preparation”. Which is silly, because I can always go back and add material if necessary. And also because it is an essential part of a murder mystery that somebody die.

(3) From the department of "the old ones are not in fact the best", an episode summary from the back of a free disc of Upstairs, Downstairs episodes. So much for its being more realistic than Downton Abbey:

Elizabeth and Rose return home one evening after a concert to find that a certain Baron Klaus Von Rimmer, a friend of the people she stayed with in Germany,* has called on her parents. The Bellamys like their guest and invite him to stay and assign Albert to be his valet. It soon transpires that the Baron is actually a spy who has tried to bribe Richard into helping his armaments company to get a contract from the British Navy. This is not all, he has also seduced Albert.

I am absolutely not writing a Red Dwarf crossover.

(4) I have been listening to random Handel, as you do. Endless Pleasure, from Semele. Seldom has a song been better named.

*"What would I do about this issue if I won the lottery today?" It's excellent for addressing how one feels about all sorts of things, though I usually use it for analysing how annoyed or otherwise I am at work in the form of "how much notice would I give?"

**I think that must mean Elizabeth. Rose is the servant.
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