nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Inspired by science

My Monday secondment is proving quite educational. Last week it was the history of Egyptology as a discipline ("I am investigating where underlying assumptions may be biased by Nazi ideology"), today it was the development of penicillin. It makes a change.

Meanwhile, Mt Etna is having a lively time, what with multiple paroxysms*, and 800m lava fountains.

On a similar subject, I don't think I have ever linked to The Right (and Wrong) Way to Die When You Fall Into Lava.

Finally, despite my mankini experience on Stromboli, I don't think that I have ever linked to the Youtube video of someone sliding down a volcano, in a mankini.**

*A word that makes me think of Victorian sex education (with apologies to [personal profile] oursin).

**I am unable to let this moment pass without mention of my Saint-George surfs down a volcano fic, but I feel we can assume that young Gherkins was more sensibly clad, if only for reasons of personal vanity.
Tags: red hot lava action
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