nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

I am so tired I think that my brain may be dribbling out of my ears, but I can’t be bothered to stop it. I am also feeling somewhat annoyed at the prospect that all the northern snow may melt before I can get to it on Thursday, but I can’t change my holiday dates because I’ve got meetings either side. Grr.

From the Department of Irony, via the Guardian: the Battle of Towton has been cancelled due to the poor weather.

“This would have been a rare year when the commemoration coincided with the actual day of the battle, Palm Sunday. In 1461 the two armies fought for ten hours in a blizzard, and this year months of rain and snow have left the site completely waterlogged. The Towton Battlefield Society has sadly announced: "The weather forecast shows no sign of any improvement so we have decided that for safety’s sake we should cancel the event.”

Honestly, the weather gods have laid on a blizzard for them so they got both the day and the weather, you’d think they might be grateful!
Tags: real life, weather
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