nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

On Writing

I have been reading Provincial Daughter, which is essentially 1950s-set fanfic of Diary of a Provincial Lady, by Delafield's daughter. This bit resonated:

Tidy pigeon-holes of writing-desk and come across some fascinating old photographs. Admire these for some time, put them all together in separate pigeon-hole and feel business-like. (One advantage of being thoroughly tidy person is that it takes so little to give delightful glow of Feeling Efficient.)

Blank sheet of paper in typewriter reminds me of literary work. Ideas become fugitive, cannot imagine why I ever thought original notion so good, and relax into unprofitable daydream in which I am giving a Book Talk at Harrods.


My own unprofitable daydreams tend to involve giving resolutely impersonal interviews to the Observer from my charming home, and turning down requests for money/appearances from certain organisations.

I AM going to write 2000 words this weekend and not daydream. Really. Honest.
Tags: books, real life
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