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1500 words of fic! Not the planned 2000, but that was pie in the sky, Saturday being a bit of a write-off (it began with food-related nightmares* and the discovery that a nocturnal nose-bleed required immediate laundering of duvet cover and pillowcase. Any day beginning thus is doomed).

But 1500 words! It has taken all afternoon, but it is worth it. Admittedly some of them are a bit odd and involve an Allo Allo accent** (slightly crossed with the Chalet School), and I was delayed by having to find how to delete a stupid dotted line auto-created by Microsoft Word, which took about half an hour.

Also, I seem to be developing characters for the so far not at all written work that is basically "A Vampire at the Chalet School". I am not sure whether this is good or bad. I once saw a language student on the bus who looks exactly like the Vampire in question; if I ever write it, I shall have to dedicate the book to her.

I have finally applied for a new passport. I was very annoyed to discover it did not require a witness, arranging which has been putting me off. At least my photograph is quite decent and does not make me look like an axe-murderer. I ought to have applied in the autumn, but was putting it off so my photo didn't make me look like a zombie. Now to book a holiday.

*Caused by (I think) rather than about.

**I have the greatest respect for Allo Allo**, as the only British TV programme that has ever managed to present a convincing multilingual environment. Admittedly it achieves this by the silliest accents in human history, but it works. Also, one day I am going to write Michelle/Herr Flick, the Communist resistance made them do it.
Tags: fandom, real life
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