nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

It’s a two-rant Wednesday!

Rant One

On getting onto the bus to work this morning, I discovered that it had speakers, and that said speakers were playing a morning radio show. Oh joy. The volume was carefully chosen to make reading impossible, while not allowing me to hear what was being said. Yes, the 'entertainment' actually worked to guarantee that I was bored. Then they started playing a recording of Scotland the Brave. Bagpipes at 8:30, it’s like they really worked hard to think what would make a commute worse.

The driver said that it was just because they had borrowed the bus from the Oxford Brookes student route because of the University open days, but there will definitely be an email about this not becoming permanent.

Rant Two

I need a new swimming costume on account of having one that is at least 16 years old, faded, and permanently stained with Dead Sea mud, and another that is a too-short halterneck. It apparently impossible to find a swimming costume in the shops this year that does not feature at least one of the following undesirable qualities: halterneck, what they are calling ‘tummy control’, ruching, straps in completely random places, no straps at all, racing back, and in the case of one particularly odd choice in BHS what appeared to be an insulated lining. All I want is a straightforward swimming costume that isn’t hideous and doesn’t attempt to make me into any shape that I am not. I want a front bit and a back bit, preferably in an attractive colour. I do not consider this too much to ask.

ETA: I seem to have omitted that I also do not want the following in my swimming costume: a padded bra, an underwired bra, a shelf bra, or in fact any bra at all.
Tags: real life, sartorial elegance
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