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The end of the over - various thoughts on the final test

(1) Well, that's the ICC reviewing the current rules on light. I can't really blame Michael Clarke, given that he did what England wouldn't on Friday and made a game of it, but it appeared to me that the umpires were carefully not opening the issue until they had to because he pointed it out to them.

(2) It certainly enlivened yesterday's drive down the M1.

(3) If England don't play more positively, they won't win in Australia. They didn't play badly, and overall during the series they played better than the Australians. But we've repeatedly seen them be defensive when they needed to attack (as the best form of defence), and I really can't see this working in a concrete bowl on Boxing Day. The non-performance by top order batsmen is also getting tedious, and I don't feel that Cook is an imaginative captain.

(4) I am in the same school year (just) as Chris Rogers, elderly debutant* opener. Yes! I am not yet totally past my physical prime!

*All but.
Tags: cricket, real life
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