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Bunter is, of course, not a butler, but a valet

Following on from my last post, it strikes me that one advantage for Paton Walsh of an Oxford-set book is that it would allow her to leave Bunter at home in London*, which might be a good thing for all concerned given that she clearly regards him as an embarrassing anachronism who gets in the way of Peter’s embracing her particular take on modernity.

The novel is set in 1952, by which point Bunter and Peter have known one another for a possible 38 years**. Raising the question of what do you get your manservant for your fortieth anniversary? A question happily answered for us by Mitchell and Webb...

*As long as the question of who picks up Peter’s socks isn’t raised

**Bunter is a bit older than Harriet, but she and Peter are both going to have to live a long time beyond him for her to beat him.
Tags: dls, television
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