nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Billy Joel and Blackberrying (brought to you by generic fic titles)

With the possible exception of something by Abba, I think that Uptown Girl is the first pop song I remember. Yesterday I watched the original video for the first time. The song is a lot of fun. The video - is of its time. I lost it with the initial synchronised spanner use.

Today I took the car to the garage for its MOT and biannual* service. I can confidentally say that the two had nothing in common.

Also today I learnt that there's an Ashes to Ashes sequence of it. How did I not know?

In other news, I also went blackberrying and managed to catch my forearm not across a bramble, but a still very lively stinging nettle. Serves me right for forgoing my usual protective blackberrying leather jacket in favour of enjoying the weather.

*I do not do a lot of driving, and this year I did even less than usual. I am exactly the sort of person who ought to belong to a car club, except that there wasn't a convenient one when I was at the point of being interested, and personality-wise I am a lot better at dealing with sunk costs than paying each time I hire.
Tags: music, real life
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