nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Need an autumn icon

A productive day, except on the fanfic front (but I did 500 words yesterday, and thought my way through quite a bit of the next scene as I walked to the shops this afternoon because it was sunny, so that will have to count). Looked at in the abstract, it is perhaps not that productive. but:

- I defrosted the freezer (I will never accidentally leave the door open again).

- I went for a run.

Both things I find dull but did anyway, so I am counting that as success. I was rewarded on the run by a herd of roe deer, one only about 10 yards away, emerging from behind a hedge and promptly disappearing again on discovering me, the rest of them in the usual habit of deer, hot-footing it across the field in the opposite direction. Large wildlife make every day better!

I have decided that since flavoured vodkas invariably disappoint, I am going to have a go at making hedgerow berry jellies instead. This also allows me a couple of weeks grace until they are ripe.
Tags: real life
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