nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

It's the end of the week *dramatic collapse*

Oh thank goodness. It hasn't been a hard week, just intensive*. Next week will undoubtedly be the same. But first the weekend. Not a particularly exciting weekend, but as it is surrounded by exciting weekends, that's all to the good. I could do without tomorrow morning's forecast of fog, though. I am supposed to be getting up to go to Abingdon to go to the fabric shop/haberdasher's**, and will be collecting a bin from Waitrose. Oh the excitement! A haircut is also required but I haven't booked one.

*In which picowrimo played a part. I gave myself the night off tonight, but only after a rough draft of 600 words at lunchtime. I have a new clue, hurrah! The game's afoot (literally, the clue is a footprint).

Tags: real life
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