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Decisions, decisions

Just talking aloud, really. More interesting LJ posts will resume, I promise!

The ski holiday company have informed me that the holiday I’d expressed an interest in won’t run due to lack of take up. This isn’t a complete surprise, as it’s at the end of the (British) season, and they’ve told me in time that I can make alternative arrangements if I want to. Which is a question...

When this was a theoretical issue I gave it some thought, and decided that I would damn well go skiing this year regardless, even if it meant a week in (Finnish) Lapland on my own. Now it’s concrete, the question is inevitably less straightforward. I’ve ruled out guided holiday alternatives on grounds of cost and (in one case) location. I could go alpine skiing, except I’d rather go cross-country, and anyway, alpine presents exactly the same question as to whether I actually want to stay on my own in a hotel for a week. On the other hand, not going has the definite downside of not going. There’s always a weekend in Scotland, but it’s not exactly guaranteed snow.
Of course, it would help if I weren’t great and being enthusiastic about things in the abstract, and then got worried when things get more concrete. Anyway, I shall think about it and try to decide what I want to do, and which decision will make me happier to have made (the “leave the shop without it and see how you feel/buy it you can take it back” method of determining this works very well for clothes, but is less useful for other things!).

Meanwhile back on the treadmill my cold has receded, but I have spent the day smelling a mix of phantom smells thanks to catarrh. I was puzzled even while dreaming as to why on earth I was dreaming I was at a tobacco trade fair trying to persuade people to eat tobacco-flavoured sweets instead as less bad for their health. It turned out that when I woke up it was to a strangely powerful smell of tobacco smoke. Other features of the day have been liquorice (the office) and aerosols (a meeting room). However it seems to have been receding this afternoon, which is all to the good.

*I could go self-catering, but then I might end not talking to anyone for a week.
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