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And flop

I have reached that point of tiredness when the prospect of sitting on a plane tomorrow afternoon for 3 1/2 hours is actually enticing, because I won't have to do anything. The prospect of driving to Gatwick on the morning the clocks go back is less so. I keep trying to go to bed early and failing, and when I succeeded last night woke up at 5 anyway. Oh well, I still only need to set off at the equivalent of 8:30am, and the next day I can stay in bed as long as I like until enticed out by SNOW! A week of skiing, sleeping, reading, eating and sauna is absolutely what I need, and I'm counting myself lucky to have it. No internet as I've run out of time to get a smartphone, but a break from that will be no bad thing either.

I greatly enjoyed Channel 4's Mayday: The Passener Who Landed a Plane, which had a dramatic title for a dramatic situation, telling the story of a passenger in a light aircraft who had no flying experience at all and had to take control when the pilot lost consciousness at the controls, and ended up having to be talked through landing it in the dark, not able to see any instruments at all. I bet that the next edition of the manual of "how to talk down someone in an airplane with non-standard control buttons" includes "Is it less than an hour until dusk? Check that they can find the button to switch the lights on". Consisting largely of talking head interviews and footage from an RAF helicopter*, it was budget TV, but absolutely gripping. Should I ever find myself in a light aircraft with a sole pilot, the question I'm going to be asking before we leave the ground is "How do I operate the radio?"

Right, it's half-past one and I have a lot of things left to do. I had better go and do them.

*With female Yorkshire pilot who said "Bless" a lot.
Tags: real life, television
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