nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

There were also many lambs, though not in the quarry

I visited my parents at the weekend, and yesterday we went up to The Coldstones Cut, a large piece of public art-cum-viewing platform at Coldstones Quarry near Pateley Bridge. As quarries go, I am sure there are much larger ones in the world, but it was very impressive, not least in the way that it was hidden in the hill. The site and the sculpture/art was well worth the visit. I was unconvinced by the street furniture element, which just felt a bit silly, but as a whole on a misty Sunday it was both eerie and entertainingly interactive. It was also absolutely freezing – I had to forgo the remains of a Victorian lime kiln by the car park in favour of regaining feeling in my (gloved) fingers. Alas, my photos are rubbish, but there are lots of good ones under the links. I would like to go on a working day, which I think would give a stronger sense of the vastness of the hole in the ground.
Tags: real life
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