nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

WTF work and Wimsey

Feeling rather shattered after a very long day with an unexpected two hour meeting in it that meant I missed a vital meeting (that wasn’t quite as vital as the unexpected one), which I now have tomorrow, absolutely must get in for 8:30 tomorrow morning, and generally I am shaking my head and thinking “When the hell is everything going to get done?” On the other hand, it is temporary shatteredness that should go with a decent night’s sleep (must exert willpower and get to bed in good time) and I have quite a bit of energy when I am not being hysterical, so that’s good.

It was just the day, therefore, to check and discover a new Wimsey ficlet. There are some very nice short fics on FFN that haven’t made it to AO3, it’s worth a look it you haven’t seen them. This one is Peter and Mary* immediately after Strong Poison.

*Though not Paul. Oh God, I am now having crossover thoughts and hideous visions of Paul Delagardie in dungarees.
Tags: fandom, real life
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