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Random things make a post

• European elections, like general elections, bring out the small parties. I am not usually blessed with interesting ones, but yesterday received a leaflet from The Socialist Party of Great Britain*. Or so I discovered when I read the small print, because on picking it up and glancing at the text on the front page I thought that it was from the Jehovah’s Witnesses**. "In socialism the planet will be like the one you know, but also very different." All it needed was a picture of a toddler cuddling a lion. I am feeling rather bad about failing to volunteer for leafletting myself, but I'm just too tired.

• Further to angsting of earlier this week, my employer will be hosting a conference on Procrastination: Cultural Expectations in July. Fortunately I don’t really have to decide whether or not to go – the date is inconvenient. From their blog, one of the organisers appears to be a Gaudy Night, though they fail to mention that Peter Wimsey himself is a procrastinator – explicitly owning up to the fact in his final proposal.

The geographies of the impending zombie apocalypse.

• It is the end of the working week! Oh thank goodness, I am totally exhausted. I have a million and one things still to do, but they can’t be done, so I am going to pick the one that requires the least brain power and do that. It is forecast to rain most of the weekend, which I don’t mind. It will at least force me to do the ironing, and I am going to make myself write some fic come what may.

*As opposed to The Socialist Party, which is also a UK political party.

**Or possibly the United Federation of Planets.

ETA: And ended the week by [not] witnessing a traffic accident, a collision between a car and a motorcyclist. I was very close, but looking in the other direction, so only heard the crunch. I phoned the police, once I'd worked out how on the new phone; I wouldn't have had the old one with me, so it has now proved its worth. Then my boss turned up having been catching me up. It was all a bit strange. Fortunately it was at lowish speed and though an ambulance was required, injuries appeared not too serious considering the situation.
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