nineveh_uk (nineveh_uk) wrote,

Trouser fail

All my summer office trousers suddenly look horribly wide-legged and frumpy rather than Katherine Hepburn. Damn. I am going to have to see if I can alter them. The pair that doesn’t look horribly wide-legged suffers from Inadequate Waistband Construction Syndrome, and I need to alter those as well, and the one on a casual pair. Argh! I am fed up of crap waistbands on what can be quite pricey trousers. Waistbands have a job to do, and they need to be shaped so that they fit the contours of the body, and they need to be a bit smaller than the top of the trousers, which should be eased into them. It is NOT sufficient to line a bit of bias fabric and sew it round the top. There is more to finishing a pair of trousers than making the raw edge not show. I assume it is all down to money, and saving the pittance that a decent waistband would cost the manufacturer in pursuit of MORE PROFIT. I particularly resent this on trousers that are in fact rather expensive, and where part of the justification for the price ought to be decent construction, which is why one pair has just been returned with a sharp note.

In non-trouser news, I have now had election leaflets from the following: Conservatives, Lib Dems (loads from both), Labour, Greens, UKIP, Socialist Party of Great Britain, BNP, and the “Independence from Europe” party (AKA we fell out with UKIP). There are Monster Raving Loony Party posters in the centre of Oxford; I am not sure if they are standing in the council elections, but I am in a different ward.
Tags: politics, sartorial elegance
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