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Still mired in sodding words

Onwards goes the giant report. And oh, it is giant. 14,500 words written in two weeks alongside attempting to do those parts of the rest of my job that couldn’t just be completely ignored, and which included a couple of days of preparation for the other giant meeting of the year, the report on which I now have to find some space to write up. Got report to Ultra Boss. She, thank goodness, really likes it, has identified some things she’d like to expand, suggested some good bits of rewording, all is on track. Except unexpectedly I now have to get a copy to Personnel by the end of tomorrow, except I was planning to spend today writing up a different meeting. Just take my annoyance here as read. I have not held back in expressing it.

But things could be worse. I had to work on Saturday, when I was visiting my sister, but this didn’t get in the way as much as it might on account of her spending all morning and most of the afternoon in A&E having a bit of broken ear plug removed from her ear*. And then on Sunday we went to the beach and had lobster and chips.

Right, I am going home do my report without feeling distracted by all the stuff I’ve had to ignore, including the other minutes, which are – of course – also urgent.

*It is a great comfort to me that while my sister is an intelligent, well-paid, and conventionally highly successful person, she is also a total and utter idiot in quite significant ways.

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