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Blood-curdling screams

My office is close to another building that is having major renovation work done to it, by which I mean it is being gutted of all non-essential parts, having bits torn off it, and surrounding concrete broken up. As you can imagine, this can get quite noisy. This is not helped by needing the windows open at this time of year to cool things down. Most of the time it isn’t too bad, being the sort of steady rumble that is present, but not necessarily intrusive. Sometimes it makes the radiators shake or sounds like a very large gear wheel is being tortured, and then I want to bang my head against the wall, and wish I had been organised to enough to take whatever I am doing home to work.

And then there are the blood-curdling screams, because the builders are quite vocal. Obviously, tossing scaffolding poles to one another or handing large planks of wood up to the second floor does involve a certain amount of communication, and it’s fairly obvious when they’re doing that, or organising things, or having a chat, or perhaps sometimes just overcome with the desire to imitate the calls of newspaper sellers. What is not obvious is why every so often they let cry a blood-curdling scream, such as might be uttered by a man who in renovating an old hospital building has accidentally awoken an evil spirit from beyond the grave, and in his surprise has dropped a sledge-hammer on his foot. Since evidently no harm of this sort has come and the building is only pigeon-haunted, I can only assume that this is not what it is going on, but it is quite distracting.

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