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We're all going on a summer holiday

I have finally booked my summer holiday! Things have been a bit up in the air; my parents are planning to move house and I need time for packing and sentiment, I have had various things happening at weekends, which gets in the way of longer periods away, and I’ve just felt rather too busy to contemplate it all. But now I have a week in northern Italy, Milan and Lake Como, in the first week of September. It promises fine weather, fine food, fine scenery, fine culture, and fine drink. I also have another week off before it, so I shall be rested before I go.

It has been a slightly annoying day. Actually, it has been an annoying afternoon; the morning was fine. Then I went out at lunchtime, treated myself to a posh salad, and got beetroot on my pale skirt (currently soaking). I had the office to myself, and had planned to put the radio on and work through some tedious small stuff that needed doing and some filing (filing always needed doing). And then the latest thing exploded and I spent the afternoon doing stuff to provide ammunition for the viewpoint that this was the stupidest idea in the history of stupid ideas*. It was really quite enjoyable, and I shared an immense rant and outraged emails with our academic head, but I did need to do the little things and the filing. More importantly, it means I am now tireder so it has delayed Wimsey crack!fic.

But it is the weekend! I have a birthday party tomorrow afternoon, in the morning I am going to write fic, and on Sunday I am going to write more fic**, do the housework, and alter the waistband on a pair of trousers, a hideous job but necessary so I can wear the trousers next weekend. And I am only working two days next week. Admittedly my plans for them have been torpedoed by this afternoon, but still – only two days. I will not worry. I shall stick to plan (A) for Monday, and let Tuesday fall where it will.

Now I am going to do some ironing and watch Wallander. I am catching up on the third series, which with two episodes to go is getting depressing even by its own standards.****

*It is.

**Really! Honest! And I probably will because I am approaching the sort of Big Important Scene*** that I have tons of notes on and know what happens in, and is fun and not too
difficult to write properly.

***Sadly not yet the revelation in the library. Still, it will be a landmark in its own way.

****Though surely nothing can match the final episode of the first series.

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