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Back from Edinburgh after a pleasant, if occasionally a trifle hectic, couple of days. The weather and the horror of the Festival traffic do not incline me towards it as a place to live.
The chief purpose of my visit was to go to the Commonwealth Games athletics on Thursday night, which turned out to be excellent. I have been to athletics events before, but not for some time, and this was great, despite a bit of rain. I say a bit, words cannot express how glad I am not to be a long jumper competing (or officiating) in the rain. The people raking the sand had it worst. The stands, happily, were roofed.


And then there was the mass karaoke to The Proclaimers...

I am sorry to be missing tonight, having come back for a wedding* tomorrow, but on the plus side, I’m not getting rained on between the park and ride bus stop and the stadium.**

*Reception. The ceremony was a fortnight ago in Moscow.

**Humph. Dad has just phoned to tell me they are there, not too wet, and have amazing seats.

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