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Moonrise Kingdom

I appear to have contracted an ear infection (or two, GP appointment booked for tomorrow morning). I am feeling predictably disgruntled.

Having retreated from the office to the sofa, I spent a pleasant afternoon watching Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, which was absolutely delightful. A duration of 90 minutes is always a good sign.* The story follows a couple of twelve-year olds who ‘run away together’ (from home and scout camp) on their north-eastern USA island, unfortunately just before a severe storm is due to hit. It is quirky without being irritating, beautifully shot, and was just what I needed. It struck me that Anderson is a particularly good director of children. All his films that I have seen have major roles for child actors, and he always achieves strong performances from them. I think that I shall have to work my way through his back catalogue.

*A film-maker who cannot tell their film in 90 minutes – particularly if it’s a comedy or comic drama - ought to be obliged to think really, really hard about why not. There are many longer films that justify their running time, but there are many more that don’t.

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